ABC-C: Always Be Creating Content

Do you wonder how you’ll ever find time to build your online business while working full time?

Is it impossible to fit your business into your schedule between work, school, family, and social obligations?

The short answer is – no.

In this article I’ll explain how changing your focus to ABC-C, always be creating content, will solve the time problem.

You Have To Make Time

Lack of time is one of the most common complaints.

Everyone is busy, everyone’s schedule is jam-packed.

But if you’re planning on building an affiliate marketing site, a dropshipping store, or some other form of online business, these all require that you produce content.

You have to write articles, write product descriptions, create advertisements, and other content for your site.

All of this requires an investment of time.

You have to pay bills, so there’s no chance you can just quit your job to launch a business.

Finding time to work on your side business is the first major hurdles that you’ll face as an entrepreneur.

The alternative is to do nothing at all and keep coasting along.

But if you’re reading this it’s because you’re not satisfied with that.

You’re looking for the flexibility of earning an income based on your schedule and the type of work that you actually enjoy doing.

The problem is that there’s a gap you have to close when you’re first starting out.

You can’t take the step fully into self-employment until your business has grown to the point that it will not only sustain you, but also fuel its own continued growth.

It’s like you’re crossing a raging river using slippery rocks as your footholds.

You can’t move to the next step without making sure your footing is secure.

Does it seem impossible?

It isn’t.

All you have to do is take one small step.

The only thing you have to do is to completely change the way you look at the world.

This is how you’ll do it.

Become a Creator Instead of a Consumer

You’re going to start looking at the world as consisting of two activities – creating and consuming.

Specifically, you’re going to look at your free time.

No, we’re not going to beat a dead horse and talk about how much time people waste watching Netflix, scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, or watching meme videos on YouTube.

I enjoy those things, too.

If you’re reading this then you already know the problem with doing TOO MUCH of that.

(If you don’t see a problem with it, then stop reading this right now and leave this site. This site is not for you.)

Instead, you’re going to ruthlessly examine the free time you have that you didn’t even know that you have.

Like a highly skilled surgeon, you’re going to ruthlessly slice out every wasted moment and replace it with productive time.

Time That You’re Waiting Is When You Should Be Creating

When was the last time you went to the doctor?

The average time patients spend in the waiting room at the doctor’s office is almost 20 minutes according to the first search result on Google.

In that 20 minutes at the doctor’s office you could have:

– Written a draft outline of an article for your blog.
– Searched Ali Express for new products to add to your dropshipping store.
– Direct-messaged and emailed ten Instagram influencers to ask them about promoting your dropshipping store.

At this point in the article I’ve spent a little over 20 minutes typing. The article is at 475 words.

You get the idea.

Stop Being Inspired And Start Making It Happen

What do most of us do instead?

We’ll scan Twitter or check Facebook.

Maybe we’re following successful business owners on social media and we’re trying to learn from them.

But at some point you have to stop learning and you have to start DOING.

You have to stop consuming content and you have to start creating it.

Here’s an example from the article about running an online business with nothing but a mobile phone.

I was visiting a museum and had a couple of minutes to kill.

I uploaded a photo from a few moments earlier to the Canva mobile app to see what it could do.

The result was a generic ad, but one that you would have had to pay an ad agency or a freelancer up to several hundred dollars to produce for you ten years ago.

Canva mobile example

You can whip up a graphic like this on your mobile phone in less than 5 minutes.

Today, you can do it in the palm of your hand in less than five minutes.

Mine Your Life Experiences For Gold

Here are some practical ways you can always be creating content:

  • Taking great photos while on vacation?
    • Turn them featured images for your blog.
    • Use them to build your Instagram following.
  • Are you a coffee fanatic and you’ve discovered a great source of coffee?
  • Do you have a morning commute?
    • Use that time to record a podcast – all you need is the voice recording app on your phone and a $12 lapel microphone.
  • Checking out Twitter while sitting on the toilet?  (Everybody does this).
    • Install the WordPress mobile app and write the outline for your next article instead.

The possibilities are endless.

All you have to do is make one small change.

But that change will make all the difference.

Stop being a content consumer and start being a content creator.

ABC-C, always be creating content.

Become fanatical and obsessive about creating content in every spare moment that you can.

You’ll thank me afterward.


Most of us use our spare moments consuming content created by others.

Odds are, that content is making those others rich.

Why can’t you be one of them?

Well, you can.

It’s a two-step process –

1. Change your mindset from being a content consumer to a content creator.

2. Start creating content in every spare moment of every single day.


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