Does Twitter Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Are you interested in using Twitter to increase traffic to your website?

Are you new to online marketing and trying to make sense of how Twitter may fit into your overall strategy?

Here are the results of my two-year experiment trying to use Twitter to do exactly that.

Did it work?

Learning the Hard Way

You should try to avoid learning lessons the hard way.

It’s best to take advice from people who are successful in areas that you’re pursuing.

I try to live by that rule but there are times when I stubbornly refuse and end up learning a lesson the hard way.

Trying to use Twitter to increase traffic to my website is the most recent example of this.

Here’s the eye-opening lesson I’ve learned from this and what you can do to prevent making the same mistake.

Two Years of Using Twitter to Increase Traffic

A little over two years ago I created a Twitter account that is primarily associated with a niche market in which I conduct affiliate marketing.

I’ve been familiar with Twitter for several years, but only for a personal account – and I rarely used it even at that.

My niche market Twitter account was my first foray into using Twitter for a commercial purpose.

I was fairly active on the account for the first year and then gradually tapered off.

Occasionally, I still tweet or retweet content when there’s relevant industry news or when I post new content to the affiliate website.

The goal is to increase the amount of traffic to my site.

Are you considering using Twitter to do the same?

Are you curious to see how it’s turned out?

If you had to guess, what percentage of visitors to my site do you think Twitter has accounted for over the past two years?

Twenty-five percent?



Guess again.



Give up?

Twitter has accounted for exactly 0.008% of visitors referred to my site.

Granted, I have a little over 350 followers on that account, which is not a huge following.

But given the amount of time I’ve invested into trying to use that Twitter account to grow my traffic, it’s clear that Twitter is a complete waste of time in this regard.

There are probably ways to use Twitter successfully for this and maybe I’ve been doing the wrong things, but with less than one-hundredth of a percent of traffic coming from Twitter I’m not interested in exploring this any further.

Twitter has accounted for exactly 0.008% of visitors referred to my site.

So What is Twitter Good For?

The reason I’ll continue to use Twitter is that it’s the best way to find like-minded people online.

You may find yourself surrounded by family, acquaintances, and co-workers who don’t share your desire to improve yourself and to escape the rat race.

It’s a breath of fresh air when you find other people with similar vision, passion, and goals.

Personally, I’ve benefited tremendously from the following websites whose proprietors I was introduced to via Twitter:

Calm and Collected by Dylan Madden

I Renaissance Man by The Spaniard

Jamie McSloy by Jamie McSloy

Start Selling Stuff by James Holt

This Is Trouble by Kyle Trouble

Each of these sites have at least one area of interest which overlaps with mine.

Also, each of these men have encouraged me, motivated me, shared my content with others, or given me invaluable advice for which I will always be grateful.

Other than Start Selling Stuff, run by James Holt whom I met on a message board a few years ago, I never would have come across any of these sites were it not for Twitter.

The reason I’ll continue to use Twitter is that it’s the best way to find like-minded people online.

Use Twitter Wisely

You will benefit greatly from surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

There’s a quote by Jim Rohn which says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

You’re best served by spending your time online with people who demonstrate the character and behaviors that you want to emulate.

In this regard, Twitter is a great tool.

Just don’t expect it to help you grow your website.

But it will help you grow your circle of acquaintances and introduce you to other people who are on the same path to success as you are.


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