Fighting The Shadow Dragon Of Anxiety, Sadness, And Dread

Was trying to start homework and was overcome by a deep, deep feeling of anxiety. It was that really bad one that makes me feel like a deep sense of sadness and dread and like it’s too late. I stepped fully into the feeling and embraced it. I visualized it like a dark serpent dragon with a long neck, that was like a shadow, that I battled. It was the fear of death and fear of leaving my children helpless. I stepped up to the shadow dragon and told it that I would fight it and I didn’t care if I died. If I die, I will die defending the right for my children to live, the right for me to provide for their future. If I die, I will die with the single-minded purpose that I am the only thing capable of fighting off that dragon from consuming my children, and I gladly fight that dragon and I have zero regard for my own well-being in the process. I am the only thing capable of standing up to the dragon and I am the only thing standing between that dragon and my family, and I stand up to it now with no hesitation whatsoever. I proclaimed that I am standing up to that dragon just as the men who came before me have stood up to that dragon. I see myself as the current man who is standing in the place of fighting that dragon, and I am part of that line of men, we are all there together as I stand there fighting that dragon, and we will forever stand there and fight that dragon and we will never surrender, we will kill that dragon or we will die trying, one of us is going to die and we are giving one hundred percent of our strength, our intention, our attention, and our desire to standing up to that dragon.

The feeling of anxiety and dread – that’s the word I couldn’t think of, dread – was gone when I opened my eyes from this meditation. In my gut is a steel resolve that I am moving forward with complete focus and my eyes clearly opened to the fact that I am working, going to school, and building my online business with the single-minded goal of securing the future of my children to free them from slavery and to liberate their souls so that they can seek out and find their own path to true meaning in this existence.

I have never felt one hundred percent sure of anything else in my life with every last bit of will in my spirit, other than knowing I was going to marry my wife, who became the mother of my children.

I’m publishing this now without any revision while it’s still freshly raw in my mind and in my heart.

If you read this and it helps you as you are fighting the shadow dragon of fear and anxiety that wants to kill you and your family – if reading this helps you that is all the reason I need for putting this out there.


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