Follow-Up: Does Twitter Increase Traffic? And Experimenting

Yesterday I wrote about how little Twitter increases traffic to your website.

My recommendation was that you should abandon it as a strategy for growing traffic to your website and stick to using it to meet and grow relationships with other like-minded people and fellow entrepreneurs.

This was based on the fact that over the past two years, Twitter accounted for far less than one percent of total traffic to one of my affiliate sites even though I had been fairly active in using Twitter to send traffic to that site.

You can read that article here.

In the article I tagged several people who have encourage me and/or provided valuable advice as I’ve built this site and previous ones.

One of those people, James Holt, reached out to tell me that he disagreed with my conclusion.

He pointed out that he gets over 70% of his traffic from Twitter.

He also shared some specific advice about how to use Twitter to engage an audience and participate in existing conversations, all with the aim of using Twitter to gain traffic.

He’s kindly given me permission to post his thread here, and it’s worth reading as he shares specific actions to take.

Here’s the thread:

A thread by James Holt

Twitter is great for connecting to like-minded individuals as you correctly pointed out.

But it’s also great for getting lots of exposure in a short timespan.

One retweet from a big account gets you infront of thousands of people. Turning that attention into traffic is another story.

You need to entice people to click on the links you post. To do that, you need to make the links you post highly relevant to the attention you are getting in the first place. Gaining attention is easy: You just need to interact with bigger accounts and add value to them. People will retweet you if you add an interesting perspective to what they are saying. Turning that attention into followers who are interested in what you post even when you aren’t interacting with others, that is harder.

I’m still working on this myself, but here is my general feeling:
Keep your Twitter content more general. Highly specific content is great for Google traffic because there’s low competition and you attract visitors who are looking for exactly what you provide.

Your followers aren’t looking for a review of product XYZ. They just care about whatever niche you’re in. So your job is to grab their attention and make them care about your article.

Use different wording on social media compared to the actual article.

Don’t use the headline in your tweet – use an interesting quote instead for example. So @justkeepushing, I’d recommend you keep an open mind to using Twitter for getting traffic.

Your niche site probably wasn’t a great fit for promotion on Twitter, but your personal website is.
Take a look at how @EdLatimore & @AJA_Cortes use Twitter to grow their business. If you’re still not convinced, take a peek at my own stats. 70% come from Twitter alone.

And it isn’t just traffic either, those visitors convert to email subscribers.

By the way, I found a tool called Spooler that condenses Twitter threads into a format that’s easier to copy and paste into a website.

Always Be Experimenting

This brings me to the next point, that you should always be open to testing new ideas.

Especially those that come from people who are successful and who have more experience in a domain in which you are looking to learn and grown.

James has built successful affiliate marketing sites, has sold his own information products, partnered with other successful online business people, and has recently expanded into dropshipping and creating (and eventually selling) a dropshipping course.

All of these are topics which I’m working on expanding my knowledge of.

So I’m going to listen to him and re-evaluate my strategy for Twitter.

I’ll be running an ongoing experiment using Twitter to grow traffic to this site and will be posting results as they come in.

This leads perfectly into a topic that I was going to write about, so the timing couldn’t be better.

You are going to see a feature on this site dedicated to the current ongoing experiments that I’m running and I’ll be updating those with results on a regular basis.

This is different than an article where you’ll read tips and strategies for improvement in an area where I’ve found success – these will be domains where I’m still working out the best approach to take.

An example of this is the carnivore diet, of which I wrote an article about the results of my first month of trying.

As I continue the diet there will be additional experiences I’ll share and will post in the new experiments section of this site.

Your Participation In Experimenting

The experiments section will be open for people to post their own anecdotes, experiences, ideas, challenges, and tips and strategies.

Over time, we’ll have the collective wisdom to draw from of like-minded people who are on the same path of self-development, personal growth, and online business success.

This site is still brand new and is not receiving much traffic (yet).

Over time as it grows it will be exciting to see where the experiments lead us.


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