Gorilla Mind Rush Review

February 23, 2018

Are you looking for a Gorilla Mind Rush review because you’re considering whether to buy it?

You may be wondering, does this cognitive-enhancing supplement deliver on its promise to boost your motivation and focus?

And if it does, how long do the effects last?

I recently put Gorilla Mind Rush to the test.

Read on to find out.

What is Gorilla Mind Rush?

Gorilla Mind Rush is a supplement that claims it will improve your brain function, increase your motivation and energy, and even boost your mood and sense of well-being.

That’s quite a lot to expect.

Together with its brother Gorilla Mind Smooth, it’s new to the nootropic scene, having launched just a few months ago.

The man behind the Gorilla Mind products is Mike Cernovich, a lawyer who whose list of accomplishments include being a White House news correspondent, authoring two best-selling books, and executive producing two full-length feature documentary movies.

Those are just a few of his achievements.

He claims to have personal experience with nootropics over the years and is crediting his Gorilla Mind products as a critical component to his 16+ hour workdays and his ability to accomplish so much.

So, what exactly are nootropics?

Experience With Other Nootropics

Have you used nootropics?

Nootropics are drugs or supplements that improve cognitive function.

Memory, creativity, and motivation are usually boosted.

Commonly called “smart drugs”, they have recently surged in popularity.

Some of the most popular ones includes Adderall and Modafinil.

While there are benefits and drawbacks to these, they have one thing in common – they require a prescription.

You Don’t Need a Prescription for Gorilla Mind Rush

One of the problems with most nootropics is that they require a prescription, which makes them difficult to obtain.

Gorilla Mind Rush solves that problem because it’s available without a prescription.

Gorilla Mind Rush solves that problem because it’s available without a prescription.

In fact, placing my order was easy and straightforward.

I simply went to the Gorilla Mind website, selected Gorilla Mind Rush, added it to my cart, and checked out.

No prescription needed.

Gorilla Mind Rush Costs Less Than a Cup of Coffee

When you scroll down the website you’ll see a catchy graphic which shows how affordable Gorilla Mind Rush is compared to energy drinks and coffee.

And while that’s true – $1.26 for a standard dose of Gorilla Mind Rush versus $3 or $4 for energy drinks or coffee – is that really a fair comparison?

Or is that just marketing hype?

But How Does Gorilla Mind Rush Compare to Coffee?

Do you love coffee?

Many high performers do.

You are probably intimately familiar with the smell of fresh coffee brewing at home or the blast of coffee scent when you walk into your favorite coffee shop.

You can probably imagine right at this instant the perk you get moments after the first few sips of your favorite brew hit you.

Interestingly, although Gorilla Mind Rush smells nothing like coffee, it actually does have a pleasant smell of its own.

When you open the bottle you’ll catch the faint aroma of – strawberry?  Cherry?

I’m not quite sure, but it’s an unexpected and pleasant aroma.

Especially if you’re experienced with taking supplements that smell foul but you know are good for you – this is a nice change of pace.

What about the effect, will it boost your energy like coffee does?

Oh, boy.

Gorilla Mind Rush pills

Gorilla Mind Rush, by the author of Gorilla Mindset. I dig the bright orange pills.

Get ready for a bit of a ride when the effects first start to kick in after about thirty minutes or so.

I started feeling a gently increasing perk in my mood and my energy.

I took three pills first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as the directions suggest.

As I was working on an article for this website I could feel my energy start to perk up combined with a strong desire to want to get things done.

This feeling increased over the next couple of hours.

Energy, Focus, and Motivation

You can check the box on all three of these factors as Gorilla Mind Rush powered me through the day.

I finished the article, showered and dressed, and headed to work.

At work I powered through several tasks and meetings, propelled by the effects of the little orange pills that smelled faintly of strawberry.  (Or was it cherry?)

The effects lasted well into the afternoon and started to taper at around 3 pm, almost twelve hours after I took the first dose.

Yes, I wake up at 3:30 am – just the reality of trying to get multiple online businesses up and running while working full time, doing graduate school part-time, and being married with kids.  Many of you reading this are just as driven.

That additional pill kept me going strong well into the evening.

Gorilla Mind Rush May Be a Little Too Strong

If you’re sensitive to caffeine you may want to consider Gorilla Mind Smooth instead.

I’m pretty tolerant of caffeine, drinking one to three cups of coffee per day.

I’m also familiar with the affects of Modafinil and the difference between the Modvigil and Modalert variants.

Even still, I felt just the slightest bit edgy with Gorilla Mind Rush.

It was a mild sense of impatience and wanting to get the task at hand finished right now.

I see where this will be extremely useful in the future for projects that require extreme focus and energy.

It’s probably best to use Gorilla Mind Rush once or twice a week at the most.

Gorilla Mind Smooth may be a better frequent alternative, although you should avoid consecutive days of use of the two.


Gorilla Mind Rush delivered on its promise of boosting energy and increasing focus and motivation.

The caffeine element may have contributed to the slight sense of edginess or impatience I felt.

This is the only thing I would consider before buying Gorilla Mind Rush.  You may want to start with Gorilla Mind Smooth if you’re hyper-sensitive to caffeine.

The price is reasonable for such a high-quality supplement that delivers powerful results.

And you don’t need a prescription which is a huge time and money-saver.

I give it a big thumbs-up.


I ordered Gorilla Mind Smooth a few days after testing Gorilla Mind Rush and I’ll be writing a review for that as well.

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