Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Does It Really Boost Your Productivity?

Are you searching for a Gorilla Mind Smooth review because you’re looking for peak performance throughout the day?

Would it help you get further ahead in your career, your side business, or at school if you had extra energy and focus that lasted throughout the entire day and even well into the night?

Gorilla Mind Smooth promises these benefits, and more.

Does it deliver, or is it just another supplement that’s not worth your time?

Read on to find out my experience testing Gorilla Mind Smooth over the past few weeks.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: What Is It?

Gorilla Mind Smooth is one of the newest cognitive enhancers and nootropics to hit the market and is the product of a collaboration between two successful individuals.

First, what the heck is a “cognitive enhancer” or a “nootropic”?

Any supplement that promises to improve how your brain functions falls under these categories.

The idea of creating a product that boosts your brain power, increases your motivation, and is better than anything else on the market was hatched by Mike Cernovich and Christopher Deoudes.

These two men have built successful online brands and spun off several successful businesses each, with Mike Cernovich having broken into national news reporting over the past two years, seemingly out of nowhere.

When two ultra-successful businessmen say they’ve tried pretty much every stimulant, productivity enhancer, and brain enhancer possible and have come up with something much better — I listen.

Wouldn’t you?

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Compared to Gorilla Mind Rush

I reviewed Gorilla Mind Smooth’s cousin — Gorilla Mind Rush — in a previous article which you can read here.

The benefits were great, but the one thing that I noticed was that I felt a little bit edgy with Gorilla Mind Rush.

Not so with Gorilla Mind Smooth. You’ll feel a boost in energy and motivation with a steady sense of calm throughout.

No jitters, no edginess, no impatience with other people.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Compared to Modafinil

I have experience with the effects of one of the most popular cognitive enhancers that many productivity fans know about — modafinil.

I’m familiar with both formulations of modafinil: modalert and modvigil.

Gorilla Mind Smooth blows these two out of the water in its ability to boost your energy and concentration levels without the feeling of jitters or irritability that modafinil can produce.

Within twenty minutes of taking it I felt my mind start to kick into a higher gear.

My energy level noticeably increased and SO DID MY FEELING OF MOTIVATION TO GET WORK DONE.

Have you ever struggled with needing to get something done and not WANTING to do it?

Everyone has. And this is where Gorilla Mind Smooth really shines.

You’ll feel a positive sense about what you need to do, in addition to the energy and focus to get it done.

All without the impatience and “edginess” that modafinil can induce.

My energy level noticeably increased and SO DID MY FEELING OF MOTIVATION TO GET WORK DONE.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Drawbacks

I tried really hard to critique Gorilla Mind Smooth.

I’m only interested in the best supplements possible and won’t waste my time on something that doesn’t work.

I’m sure you feel the same way, right?

I don’t believe in b.s. and I know that nothing’s perfect, but even still I feel like I had to be really nitpicky to find anything wrong with Gorilla Mind Smooth.

The only SLIGHT drawback I could find is that the price is $38 for one bottle.

While that’s a fair price for a premium, effective product — people who are looking for the cheapest possible supplement will be turned off by this.

On the other hand, if you believe that investing in products that increase the value you can generate is worthwhile, you’ll find Gorilla Mind Smooth is priced fairly.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Dosage

The recommended dosage is three to six capsules in a 24-hour period.

After several weeks of experimenting I’ve found that the best dosage for me is four capsules first thing in the morning.

You should take Gorilla Mind Smooth on a completely empty stomach in order to get the best results.

Later in the afternoon I’ll take another one or two capsules if I need a recharge.

One of the great things about Gorilla Mind Smooth is that it gives you that flexibility of being able to re-up your dosage later in the day if you need it.

If you only need a burst of energy and enthusiasm for the first part of your day, you only need to take it once.

You should start with the minimum dose and gauge its effectiveness.

If you’re sensitive to stimulants, three capsules may be all that you need.

Gorilla Mind Smooth review

Gorilla Mind Smooth review. The red and black capsules look cool, I have to admit. And it’s extremely effective.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Review: Benefits

There’s a long list of benefits that Gorilla Mind Smooth provides.

Increased Alertness

You’ll feel a noticeable difference in your awareness of the task at hand.

More energy

You’ll feel a nice perk in your energy levels. The come-up is smooth and not jolting, like a cup of coffee or other stimulants would be.

Increased motivation

You’ll feel a strong desire to actually get things done. This is great when you have a task that you’re dreading or you have to do some mundane, boring work.

Increased focus

You’ll notice that distractions are more easily ignored and you’ll have an increased ability to focus on what’s in front of you.

Improved mood

This is a nice surprise – you’ll notice your mood lifting and a general sense of cheerfulness.

You don’t need a prescription

One of the BIGGEST benefits of Gorilla Mind Smooth is that you won’t have to go through the trouble and expense of scheduling a doctor visit and paying for a prescription.

Just add it to your cart and in a few days you’ll be holding the bottle in your hands.

Each dose costs less than a cup of coffee

Earlier I mentioned that the only (slight) drawback was the price.

Even still, a regular serving of four capsules for me is $1.70, which is about HALF the price I pay for my morning cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The question to ask yourself is whether spending less than two bucks is worth a full day of energy and motivation?


Gorilla Mind Smooth makes bold claims, promising to provide long-lasting energy and focus without jitters or irritability.

It’s one of the few supplements I’ve tried that actually follows through on what it promises.

The cost may be a deal-breaker for some people, and that’s understandable if you’re on an extremely tight budget.

But if you’re interested in the best products that will boost your success and give you an edge in business or school, Gorilla Mind Smooth is well worth it.

I like it even more than Gorilla Mind Rush, and it’s now in my regular rotation of supplements.

You’ll find it to be a smart investment to boost your productivity.


Shipping is quite fast, as the company uses USPS Priority Mail. I was happily surprised when my shipments of Gorilla Mind Smooth and Rush arrived in just a couple of days.

Click the button below to order yours and see for yourself.

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