Stop Listening to Others, Start Listening to Yourself

You’re good at listening to others.

You do this because you think that others know the answer.

To a certain extent, they do. Your whole life you’ve listened to people who are more knowledgeable than you.

Your teachers in grade school knew more than you, so you listened to them and you learned how to read and write and do math.

Your parents were older and wiser than you so you listened to them about how to live your life.

Your professors in college knew more about the specialized fields that you were studying, so you took careful notes during lectures and did well on exams.

Your bosses knew more about the industry you entered and about corporate politics in your office, so you listened to them and you did well.

Your pastor or your priest knew more about God, so you listened to him about how to take care of your soul.

The people on Twitter and on blogs and chat rooms knew more about online business than you, so you listened to them about how to run your business.

The time came when you’d learned these things, but you were lacking information about one area.

You didn’t know what you wanted to do with yourself. You didn’t know what your ultimate purpose in life should be.

So you went back and tried to listen to everything that all these people had to say about that, but it was all wrong.

Nothing seemed right, even when you tried to follow some of their directions and suggestions.

In the end, the only person who really knows yourself inside and out is you.

You have the best source of information possible — yourself.

You have an intuition about what’s right.

Sometimes you get so busy searching for answers outside yourself that you don’t pay attention to the information coming from inside yourself.

You are a conduit for your own path.

You know if what you’re doing is right or wrong.

You know whether you want to follow a dark path or a path of light.

I know what path I want to follow, and that is the path of light.

I’m going to try to let light shine through what I do and what I write.

It’s up to you to do guide yourself.

Trust yourself.


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