The Ring of Time: A Letter To Our Younger Self

The following may be a parable, or a fable, or a theory, or it may be a fact.

I’m 40 years old, writing this to whichever version of my younger self may receive this.

Do I honestly believe that it’s possible to communicate with myself backwards in time?

I don’t know… I think it MIGHT be possible. We still haven’t figured out how time works. It’s possible that time is indeed a construct of our minds, and everything is happening RIGHT NOW, all at once.

It’s possible that what we perceive as time is like a circular hallway in the shape of a ring. Inside this ring is a running track and we’re walking or running on it. Along the inner wall of this ring are doors interspersed at regular intervals.

Opening these doors at various points in the ring will lead to the same place regardless of our position along the track: to the inside of the ring. The inside of the ring is a giant courtyard filled with trees, streams, lakes, lush grass and beautiful flowers.

The temperature is always mild and comfortable, perfect for wearing shorts and a t-shirt and walking around barefoot. It’s sunny, with big fluffy clouds drifting across the turqoise sky and occasionally casting brief shadows across the landscape.

The view of this garden oasis when opening any of the doors along the ringed track immediately brings with it a sense of peace, calm, tranquility, and joy. One feels like one BELONGS in this place.

This place is always accessible from any point along the track that represents our journey through life. This means that I can access the garden from the door marked “40 Years” as easily as I could access it via the door marked “20 Years”.

The landscape is lush and vast with many peaceful streams and beautiful lakes. In spite of its vastness of scale, sound carries very well here. One can hear another’s voice all the way across the entirety of the garden.

If you pay close attention, you can even hear sounds coming from the garden as you’re walking or running along the track. All you have to do is make the conscious effort to listen.

Time works strangely in this place — because, you see — time doesn’t exist at all here. Time is always happening, and it’s always NOW.

As a consequence, you may open the door marked “40 Years” and speak words of encouragement into the vastness of the beautiful garden. And these words will travel, unhindered, throughout the entire landscape.

And your younger self, as he or she passes the door marked “20 Years”, may hear a sound as though someone is speaking to them. If they’re alert, they may pause and step to the door and open it.

And they may hear those words of encouragement, spoken across the garden. And be refreshed and renewed by the wisdom coming from the only person whom they know they can fully trust with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their mind.


Lush corridor


Is this a parable, a fable, a theory, or a fact? If it’s true, we have the power to profoundly improve our circumstances and those of others around us. If it’s not — well, we really have nothing to lose by playing the game of pretending that it is and acting accordingly, do we?


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